The Marketplace

The Marketplace section of our website is an electronic exchange where buyers post their needs and suppliers offer their services in form of a bid.
A Buyer is defined as the entity that originate an RFQ (Request for Quotation).
A Supplier is the entity that offers their services by bidding on the RFQ.
Members can act as Buyers by posting an RFQ, or as Suppliers offering their services and bidding on RFQ's posted by other members. Read More




Discussion Forums

Our members use the Forums to discus manufacturing related issues.
One can ask questions about making parts and assemblies, processes, help with machines repairs, best methods and more.
There is always a member in our community that may have an answer to help you.
Members helping members is that we are trying to achieve in our online community.

Classifieds ads

In the Classifieds ads section our members can place ads to buy and sell a variety of merchandise.
The Classifieds ads are organized in categories and sub-categories to help you list or find any item easier.
You can sell excess inventory, tools, machinery, electronics, raw materials, businesses, furniture, free stuff, etc.
One can also post an employment ad looking for help, or a wanted ad for your needs.